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Group website launched

Welcome to our new group website!

Lecture at ICASPP 2020

Fast Optical System Identification by Numerical Interferometry accepted as a lecture into IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) 2020

Graduate fellowship

Sidharth Gupta is awarded the Dr. Ok Kyun Kim Fellowship for 2020-2021. Congrats!

NeurIPS 2020 spotlight

Konik is giving a spotlight presentation at the virtual NeurIPS 2020.

Talk in SPACE seminar series

Ivan will speak in the SPACE seminar series on April 6.

Open positions

We have two postdoc positions in machine learning!

Best presetation award @ CSL student conference

Anadi's presentation on Truly shift-invariant CNNs was awarded best presentation in Machine learning and signal processing session at CSL student conference 2021.

Truly shift-invariant CNNs at CVPR 2021

Our paper on truly shift-invariant CNNs is accepted to CVPR2021.

Congratulations to Sidharth, Anadi and Konik for their internship offers

Sidharth, Anadi and Konik intern at Microsoft Research, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL) and Google respectively in the Summer of '21.

Check out Shift-Equivariant U-Nets at Asilomar '21!

Anadi presents his work on truly-shift equivariant U-Nets at Asilomar 2021.

Tianlin won the SGD Hackathon

Tianlin is the winner of this year Sustainability Development Goals Hackathon organized at UniBas.

Papers accepted to ICLR 2022

Tianlin interns at Google

Tianlin spent the Summer of '22 at Google, Zurich for an internship.

Konik graduates with a Ph.D.

Konik defended his Ph.D. dissertation at UIUC and would now be joining Google, Mountain View. Congratulations, Dr. Kothari!

Congratulations to Sidharth for defending his Ph.D.

Sidharth graduates from UIUC with a Ph.D. and would be joining Amazon, UK. Congratulations!

SADA group at AI Quorum, 2023

Ivan gives an invited talk and Tianlin presents a poster at AI Quorum, 2023 organized by MBZUAI. 

FunkNN accepted to ICLR 2023!

Our paper FunkNN: Neural Interpolation for functional generation, got accepted to ICLR 2023.

 Congratulations Amir, Anadi, Valentin and Ivan!


SADA group at BASP, 2023!

Ivan gave a talk and Valentin presented a poster at BASP 2023 held in Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland.

SADA at ICLR, 2023

Amir, Anadi, Tianlin and Jonas present their work at ICLR, 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda.